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Saturday, 24 September 2016

I am a homophobic bigot (Like Jesus Christ is) and I revel in it !!!

I am a homophobic bigot and revel in it sounds like a bad person. Well then that is not so true. You can be a God fearing person and the Kindest good living person on the earth but still be a homophobic bigot in your own peesonal life. 

Well that is what I am and I am not willing to change as God has called me to  this both  online and off line.

Now let me explain in a few short terms:
The real meaning of a Meaning of the word Bigot is a person who beleives in one definition of a term above all else. I beleive that Jesus christ is the only way and He calls us all to be like Him and I am happy to be called a bigot in this sense. We are NOT hostile towards other religious groups as some define as I beleive that all are given a free will, but I beleive their is only ome way to heaven and no other way is truth and that is by the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross and Him shedding His blood for all our sins. Homosexuality is sin and Christ died on the cross so we might be free of din and in this term I am a Bigot to beleive this above all else

Now the real meaning of the word HOMOPHOBE is to have negative attitude towards  what is sin As homosexuality is sin before God thus same sex marriage is very politcal and opressive (wickedness before God) I am the Happy little homophobe living in my joy.

To be a Bigot in one sense is to reject all else but for Jesus Christ. To be classified Homophobic is to reject the sin of homosexuality which is very prominent today. 

So within myself I am a Homophobic Bigot and proud of this. I encourage you to also become like me, but that is your choice and if you do not want that, then as  Pope Francis, said who am I to ask for you to change, that is left up for your decison and you must take the outcome of any decison you make.

As a conclusion

I call upon all who see the same was as I, to become Homophobic Bigots as well (like I am) as it is a good thing for as many as we can get to change our thinking, beleifs and attitudes to encompass this way of life.

This beingn a Homophobic Bigot is a way of life I live and I encourage as many who accept the truth to love as I live.A Homophobic Bigot and revel in this as well.

If Jesus Christ was walking the earth Today he would called a homophobic bigot: I wanto to be like Jesus Christ as I am called into fellowship with him: so it is an honour for me to be called a homophobic bigot as well amd I intend to enco7others to doo the same

Written by John Christopher Sunol 
7.45 Sunday September 25th 2016

My Comments 

I beleive that Jesus Christ was a homphobic bigot 
And I want to be like Jesus Christ was 
A homphobic bigot as well part A

Part B - Christ was a homophobic bigot 

I am a homphobic bigot part c

I am a homophobic bigot part B

I am a homphobic big part A

Who am I to judge 

Pope Francis on Who an I to judge

Forbes in crises

The whole town is being evacuated and I take this as a sign of Climate change. This is happening all over the world and Australia will not missout. Fires in Victoria, floods in country towns hurricanes in tne United States, Volcanoes in Indonesia.

Floods in China, floods in Europe to catastrophes everywhere. I do not beleive in Climate change naturaly, this is man made with different new technology and old technolgy that is partly creating the climate change.

A whole host of different factors are creating the setting for these adverse weather changes which is happening all over the world.

18.43 SATURDAY September 24th 2016

My comments 

Floods in Forbes part of world wide climate change 

Friday, 23 September 2016

I am deleting all abusive comments from my You Tube, this goes for all that are only people telling lies and being stupid

All adverse and stupid comments which are degrading to society and full of half truths and lies attacking me will be deleted from now on. And the author of such blocked frrom commenting if they persist, 

Understand me Derpy Sweede, Bernie Hynes and John M and any others who want to do the same. 

I had a job for a couple of hours to get my face out into the media as a extra in a Advertisement which just has come to air and I can not afford idiots telling lies about me online

Also in answer to Derpy Swede the Newspaper articles on me "shitting my pants in public" was in appropriate and out of place, These are the Lies that Garry and others put into court for me to loose my taxi authority originally. This was a complete and utter lie, It never happened and I was accused of this. I was set up and framed by the homosexual activists who wanted me out of the taxi industry and they stooped down to this level to attack me with. 

The Newspapers got this from a past court case and published it back in 2013 and the animals that saw this believe it, BUT IT IS NOT TRUE. THAT NEVER HAPPENED AND SHOWS ONE OF THE LIES THAT GARRY AND OTHERS PUT TOWARDS ME TO CREATE A SCENARIO FOR ME TO LOOSE MY TAXI AUTHORITY. I CAN NOT AND NEVER WILL ACCEPT THIS. 

NB: SPECIAL NOTICE I will not tollerate any more lies and justmstright forward attacks on my blog

In my twitter account I had over 78,000 impressions alone in the last 24 hour period and lots more people on my Blog, Facebook and Google +. I can not and will not tolerate abuse. I do not mind a geniune comment and what you say is perfectly OK with me, as llong it is not abusive material or in breach of the general priciples of ethics.
Written by John Christopher Sunol
9.59 Saturday September 24th 2016

My comments

I can not be stopped from writing these blogs or doing you tubes
1. I own my own home and computer's (plural): both desktop and printer and a potable Galaxy tablet which I take with me when away from home.
2. I live in a central areas with a lot of transport to public libraries
3. I am not willing to stop for anyone
And last but not least
4. I will no longer tolerate abuse, I delete such comments on my blog or you tube withour warning and bann the person who writes this.

John M, Beanie Hynes, Derpy Sweed or any other will be banned from commenting if they continue on putting inappropriate material only designed to attack me with on my blog or you tube channel.

In response to Derpy Sweeds comments on me shitting my pants in public, this will be taken down and if you want to give Garry my You Tubes, then go ahead, I encourage you as I will fight both you and Garry in the courts

Thursday, 22 September 2016

A one world government is coming and coming quickly

this is coming and coming quickly, I would like for all to listen to the videos I put on with this blog and the blog it is listened to. This will show you about globalization and the reality behind it. 

One of the reasons I am under constant attack is that I give out information that others do not wantletoutand I do it to the whole world via my blog. That is just why I got over 77,000 impressions on my Twitter account in just 24 hours

Written by: John Christopher Sunol 
11.50 Friday September 23rd 2016

My comments

More material on the coming rapture and Christian escatology

I believe we are all living in the end times and this is the last days as put in the bible. Read the book of Revelations,Especially chapter 13,  Daniel chapter 9 -(70 weeks) and Mathew chapters 24,25 and this speaks on those days. 

With Agenda 2030 being so prominent on the world stage, with the joining together of nations under Globalization, with the wars and the describes what is happening today it is all pointing towards the return of Christ, This was predicted by Jesus Himself in Mathew chapter 25 and he spoke on the 10 virgins in parable, 5 were ready and waiting for his return and 5 were asleep. The 5 that were ready and waiting were taken with the master (Jesus) for eternity of rest and the 5 that were not were called wicked and slothful and left to their own peril. 

Christ spoke in a lot of parables or stories but the stories that Christs gave (Jewish terminology Midrash) spoke of truths and what is happening and about to happen. 

We are living in the days of the end which the Apostle John wrote of when he wrote the book of Revelations from the Isle of Patmos whilst in exile in around 95AD (BCE) and as the time gets closer you can see that happening right now. 

This blog of mime is mainly on these issues as they happen under a modern formed organization called Agenda 21 (now 2030) waiting for a one world government under the United nations. 

this is a major issue of today and I believe that same sex marriage has nothing to do with love, that is only propaganda and lies put by those in the know of Agenda 2030 and the coming of the new world order. 

These debates on same sex marriage and marriage equality are only politics and propaganda which is being being pushed by the media and other left wing Ministrations. to distract the general population from the truth. It is a very emotional area and those in the know of the coming globalization of agenda 2030 are using this to a great successful effect to distract the general population from knowing the truth. (similar as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels "Hitlers Propaganda Minister" used from 1933-45 to draw a whole nations of people "German and Nazi Italy under Mussolini" to reject a whole Jewish nation and send them to the death camps of world war 2")

Not even all homosexuals are on board with same sex marriage, they are very happy living with their partners with no legal ties of a marriage covenant. Same sex marriage is very evil and invites Satan to take over the lives of all whom go into this form of Political, sexual and spiritual/Philosophical Union. 

written by John Christopher Sunol
11.24 Friday September 23rd 2016

My comments

The Commonwealth bank advertisment I was in is being aired right now

The Commonwealth bank advertisement which I was an extra in is now being put to air on Channels 7 and 9. I saw this advertisement myself on the 9 network. 

This is all I can say for now over this



And I will be doing more of this style of work

I am being hunted down for $40,000 from cases in the past I lost Burns Vs Sunol

Over a period of 4 years (2011-2015)  I have been ordered to pay over $40,000 TO Garry for the villification laws being breached by me and the supposed hurt I was have been deemed to be done. 

I recognise none of this and I class that Garry a fraud who won the cases by telling lies. If I had the money I would pay this money and piss this idiot off as I was set up and Framed by this theif. 

I can not pay and will not even consider negotiating with this man who is a plain straight out fraud:and these reasons are 

1: I do not have  the money, can not get the money as I am bankrupt
2: If I had the money I would pay him off and piss him off but it does not work like that as I can not trust this man, he would develop more bullshit stories out of his head and want more. Also he would encourage others to do the same thus go on a gravy train ride to destroy me and I would get more people put in more fraudulent claims which this man Garry could help to organize. 

So I am going to do nothing and only fight him in the courts, but I will not stop or pay him for these reasons


I have nothing else to say over this

18.19 Thursday September 22nd 2016