Sunday, 26 April 2015

The John Sunol daily - taken from John Christopher Sunols blog on news events

John - Christopher - Sunol

The John Sunol Daily - My new photo's on this 

This is a daily online set of news reading that were made online some years ago.

It is similar to my blog but it has daily news articles from different world wide news and media sources with my photo taken put on it as I made up this online out of other news articles.

If you want to follow you can follow this as I put this with my blog which I am going to embed into my three blogs

My comments

This is for the publicity of my blog online and for all whom are interested to follow, I do not mediate this now but I will promote it through my blog. I leave it open for the whole web to take a look at from anywhere in the world 

It follows similar themes to my blog I write on daily 
this is articles written by others which I am part of

Follow, read and enjoy


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